Monday mornings are amazing!

I know that’s quite a bold statement, not everyone likes Monday mornings because it nearly always marks the end of a fantastic weekend.  However our Monday morning has been made amazing by a simple email from a client.

For those of you who haven’t heard, we spent the last week and a bit working on a variety of digital media for an overseas sales exhibition. We created a beautifully engaging touchscreen application, a 3D CGI animated screensaver, launched a shiny new website and an interactive sales application for a few ipads. All this (and a few extra bits and bobs) were shipped over to Singapore early last week in preparation for another overseas sales expo.

Well the weekend is over, the sales guys have worked their socks off and aided by the digital media we created the results are amazing.

The biggest sales result in the last 3 years from an overseas expo!

The cherry on the cake is a lovely email from our client saying thank you. It really is our pleasure.