INK-terview: 10 Quick Questions with Our Nathan

You rarely spot our Nathan without a huge smile on his face – which is just one of the reasons we love him. An eternally happy chappy, Nathan – INK’s talented digital Marketing Executive – is a big music fan and lover of an over-sized hat and fake moustache. Not sure what on earth we’re on about? Read on…


INK-terviewer: Hi Nathan, let’s kick things off with you letting us in on what you’re working on this week…

Nathan: It’s super busy at INK Towers at the moment, today I’m working on a social listening report for one of our clients’ local campaigns. I’m also working on email content for a campaign we’re running.

INK wouldn’t be INK without…

Nathan: The awesome team, there is always a real buzz around the studio and it’s always filled with laugher following our frequent weird and wonderful conversations.

Should you ever need advice on a project you’re working on there is always someone around that can give you hand.

If you weren’t INK’s Digital Marketing Executive, what profession might you have fancied having a go at instead?

Nathan: I would like to have tried my hand at journalism, ideally focusing on music or sport. Following a recent project we have worked on, luxury travel blogging wouldn’t be a bad way to spend 9-5 either, visiting luxurious locations around the world.

Imagine you’re auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent…what talent would you wow the judges with? Any party tricks up your sleeve?

Nathan: I’d love to say I would turn up with a guitar and perform onstage but the lack of musical ability does kind of throw a spanner in the works – although that doesn’t normally stop people on Britain’s Got Talent.


How would your best pal describe you in three words? Be honest…

Nathan: Happy, creative, positive.

If you could jet off to a desert island with three people (celebs or otherwise, dead or alive) who would make the cut and why?

Nathan: This question is hard and would probably change every time you asked me:

Bear Grylls – I would be terrible at surviving on a desert island, so this is where he would step in. I like the idea of sending him in to the jungle and him coming back with a crocodile over one shoulder and drinking water in the other hand.

Karl Pilkington – He just cracks me up, and I think he would be as bad at surviving on a desert island as I would.

Jamie T – Following his awesome performance at Glastonbury last night, and he’s just an all-round cool guy.

For you, what’s been the most important digital development in recent years – and how has it helped you do your job?

The ability to tailor and personalise content dependent on the user’s interests and location.

Three-course dinner party round at yours! But what’s on the menu?

Nathan: I’m going to go for a Mexican themed evening, of course accompanied by a few Coronas.

Nachos for starters. Chicken Fajitas for the main course and Tequila (lime and salt optional) for dessert.

Our Nathan (pictured here on the left) has a double life, as a sombrero-wearing Mexican. We jest, of course; but he does enjoy the odd Mexican-themed fancy dress party.

If you could offer just one piece of advice to a budding digital marketer, what would it be? 

Nathan: Enjoy what you do, get your head down and work hard.

Finally, aside from your obvious talent for guitar-playing (not!), tell us something else we don’t know about you…​

Nathan: I worked for an events company while at college and university, travelling to events around the UK – working as a croupier on the casino tables, running ‘It’s a Knockout’ fun days and riding around on hovercrafts.

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Until next time…