INK-terview: It’s Our Alex!

Ah, Alex! You can pretty much guarantee lots of smiles and laughter with our Alex around. And cakes. Lots of them. His wife (Mrs Berry, no less – no, not that one!) is a whizz with a whisk, and she just loves treating the INK office to copious baked delights – thanks Mrs Berry.

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But onto our Alex…what can we say? Actually, what can’t we say?! He’s an absolute bundle of fun. Though not quite fun enough to tell us what he’d wow the Britain’s Got Talent judges with, it seems. Sob. Nevertheless, grab a cuppa and settle down to enjoy all the goss via our latest team INK-terview…

Hi Alex, let’s kick things off with you letting us in on what you’re working on this week…

Alex: I’ve been working flat out on projects for INK’s Melbourne HQ. All very busy but exciting, too!

INK wouldn’t be INK without…

Alex: The comforting notion that your peers are there to point you in the right direction, tell you you’re wrong or right or that there’s another way to get something done. It’s a hive mind. (But like nice bee’s enjoying the summer rather than Xenomorphs).

If you weren’t a designer here at INK, what profession might you have fancied having a go at instead?

Alex: I would be teaching design at art college. You never know, I might still do that.

Imagine you’re auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent…what talent would you wow the judges with? Any party tricks up your sleeve?

Alex: I would wow the judges with cold indifference for the second rate, exploitative rubbish they call a TV show.

How would your best pal describe you in three words? Be honest…

Alex: I just asked Mrs Berry and she said, Annoying, annoying, annoying. : )

If you could jet off to a desert island with three people (celebs or otherwise, dead or alive) who would make the cut and why?

Alex: Alice Cooper – just because he’s got some amazing stories and would bring the party
Alan Turing – you’ve got to have someone smart there
Ray Mears – we could eat amazing food and sit in our cabin he has weaved from reeds

For you, what’s been the most important digital development in recent years – and how has it helped you do your job?

Alex: Hard to say. I’ve been doing this a while so there’s been a few major changes. Broadband was the first. No more shaving bytes off gif sizes. Then mobile rocked our world. Instant access for everyone and by proxy – the normalisation of social media, taking ownership away from the nerds. Recently it’s the fact people are getting braver. If the market doesn’t like something you’ve put out – you find out pretty quickly!

In summary – the most important, mountain moving development was that Yahoo dropped the original Yahoo pool.

Three-course dinner party round at yours! But what’s on the menu?

Alex: Anything made by Mrs Berry will do just nicely. : )

If you could offer just one piece of advice to someone who wanted to make it into design, what would it be?

Alex: It’s not actually about what you put on the page. It’s about having empathy with your audience. Just because something is beautiful does not mean that it’s effective.

Finally, tell us something else we don’t know about you…

Alex: I once killed a man.

In real life, erm… I have an extensive collection of old letters. Mainly from shop fronts.

So there you have it, everything you ever wanted to know about our Alex! Enjoy this INK-terview? Don’t forget to check out some of the other quick-fire Q&As with the team; say hello to Jen, Nathan and Matt.

Until next time…