Why future-proofing your digital marketing is crucial: Part 2

Following on from part one of this future-proofing mini series, we’re going to identify some ideas that encourage longevity for customer relationships by building trust – no easy feat!

Question what you’re offering

A key term we reckon the industry will be hearing a lot of in 2016 is ‘relevancy’ as the bid to capture and keep the attention of audiences is set to become even more cut throat over the next 12 months. The million dollar question is, how do you stay relevant?

Well, by adding value to the whole brand experience at every touch point and showing that your products/services are perfectly suited to your audiences requirements of course… Let an inquisitive toddler be your inspiration and for every idea ask yourself, ‘why?’ Why would people want this? Why are we doing it this way? Why is this better than that? Why? Curiosity killed the cat, not a digital marketing strategy.

Now, we’re not saying this magical content rich, added value can be fathomed out in a two-minute job, and here comes the T-bomb again, but you will need to make time to work out what that something new and hard to resist ‘thing’ is.

Be a constant

Blogger/vlogger/email marketer/social media guru, whichever relates to you, make it your working life mission to pull a variety of content out of the bag consistently, and this way you’ll become familiar in your audiences’ digital experiences. Communicating in patterns creates a sense of anticipation and over time confidence will be instilled in your audience that you are going to deliver something worth their while.

A word of warning, consistency is not an excuse to become predictable. Mix things up, challenge yourself and keep your audience wanting more. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that you will then become a permanent fixture in their online consumption.

Show some flair

Personalisation is a mammoth digital marketing trend, especially in email, and a great starting point for stand-out service and delivery of content. With direct marketing, there is a whole gamut of tactics to create subscriber interactions which are both beneficial and memorable (for the right reasons) to both parties.

We’re seeing more and more use of sophisticated, tailored content in email from basket abandonment reminders to product recommendations as marketers pull out all the stops to make their brand experience one of highly engaging convenience. We’ve written a few articles on the subject, including this one on the BLINK blog, our email sending service, if you’d like more tips.

Research, testing and analysis are the holy trinity of digital marketing and valuable tools in your creative arsenal. With gentle changes and refinements to each activity carried out will set you on the right road to attracting audiences and turning them into customers who’ll be there for the long haul.

We’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeve about personalisation, email marketing and tons of other digital matters, which we’d happily share with you. If that sounds good, then ping us an email!