What’s made us smile this week?

Tony_INK Digital

We’re a super positive bunch here at INK you know! There’s often a whole host of things which make the team grin from ear to ear so we have decided to share them with you. From client feedback to chocolate bars – you’re in for a real treat! Here’s our Tony, to kick things off…

Tony Pye, Head of Digital Production

Tony_INK Digital“We’ve recently started working with some really great clients in Australia, and while we try to work just as hard for all our clients wherever they are, some of the comments from the folks in Oz really make me smile:

  • Client – How long do emails take to set up?
  • INK – I’m getting it set up now, and should hopefully be ready in a couple of hours.
  • Client – WOW!
  • INK – We don’t mess about!
  • Client – I’ve come to learn that.”

Rich Blyth, Head Developer

Rich_INK Digital

“Super geeky – but Apple’s preview at WWDC of the upcoming Watch OS 3. It looks like the Apple Watch is going to realise its full potential with this update. Watch this space!”

Helen Darlington, Head of Creative Strategy

Helen_INK Digital

“The comment from Ben at Sayer Jones on the RAR about the work we’ve delivered and the service they’ve received:

Our relationship with INK is still quite new but we’re extremely impressed with their professionalism, innovation and dedication. We understand they have very high profile clients but we’ve been made to feel as though our business is a priority to them.”

Louise Adu, Communications & PR Executive

Louise_INK Digital

“When Powerpoint went crazy and a Yorkie bar saved my sanity – true story…!”

Becky, Digital Marketing Executive

Becky_INK Digital

“The positivity from our new Oz clients has been amazing. We’ve also had some cracking feedback from one of our lovely new clients about our recent marketing work which was fabulous to hear!”

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