INK-terview – 10 Quick Questions with our Vick

Vick - INK Digital

Vick - INK DigitalOur lovely Vick recently joined us as an Executive Strategist here at INK. She’s been with us a few weeks now and so we thought there was no better time to shine our INK-terview spotlight on her.

Read on to find out what hilarious talent would our Vick would use to wow the judges if she was to audition for Britain’s Got Talent…

INK-terviewer: Hi Vick, let’s kick things off with you letting us in on what you’re working on this week…

Vick: This week I have been working on a few proposals for clients. I am also working with Nathan to help re-vamp INK’s RAR clients page.

INK wouldn’t be INK without…

Vick: The copious amounts of tea and coffee being made every 15 minutes in the studio.

If you weren’t our Executive Strategist here at INK, what profession might you have fancied having a go at instead?

Vick: I would like to have a go at marketing as I love social media!

Imagine you’re auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent…what talent would you wow the judges with? Any party tricks up your sleeve?

Vick: This is a tricky one! Erm, I’m randomly very good at remembering number plate registrations after just seeing them once, same with phone numbers. So, maybe a memory test?

How would your best pal describe you in three words? Be honest…

Vick: Polite, Organised, Stubborn – I’ve been known to want things my way or the high way.

If you could jet off to a desert island with three people (celebs or otherwise, dead or alive) who would make the cut and why?

Vick: 1. David Bowie – he’s just the biggest legend ever and a massive icon to the music industry, being a massive festival goer myself I’ve got to have a music genius with me. 2. Tom Hardy – got to have something to look at for when the scenery gets too much! 3. Jeremy Clarkson – I just find Jeremy Clarkson hilarious! He’s got such a dry sense of humour and Top Gear just isn’t the same without him!

For you, what’s been the most important digital development in recent years – and how has it helped you do your job?

Vick: Within my previous role as a social media coordinator, I had to think of creative and innovative campaigns to encourage customers to visit the business. I got to come up with some really fun stuff and as a result of the campaign I managed to increase business by 50% when the events were running! I think this has helped me massively in the digital world as it has made me see how each step and each action taken can affect the business you work for.

Three-course dinner party round at yours! But what’s on the menu?

Vick: Starter – Garlic prawns!! I love prawns so much! Main – Penang curry (massive Thai food fan) Pudding – can’t beat a sticky toffee pudding (I’d probably have to cheat and buy these though!) I appreciate these dishes don’t really go together but they’re all so tasty it wouldn’t matter!

If you could offer just one piece of advice to a budding strategist, what would it be?

Vick: Make sure you organise yourself and definitely buy a diary! If your life is organised, this will help keep you organised at work.

Finally, aside from your obvious talent for remembering number plates, tell us something else we don’t know about you… 

VickI am a massive animal lover! I own the friendliest Dalmatian alive called Will and he’s just got such a personality to him! One of my other favourite animals has to be elephants! I went travelling to Thailand last year and visited an elephant sanctuary where I spent the day walking through the rain forest feeding the elephants banana’s, it was just heaven!

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