What’s made us smile?

Louise_INK Digital

So you may have seen a few of these by now, but if you’re new, firstly, hello! Secondly, here’s the lowdown… us positive lot here at INK just love sharing with you some of the things which have made us smile recently.

We’re a hardworking bunch you know, but of course that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good ol’ laugh too! We have the most weird and wonderful conversations (pretty sheepish ones recently) which often leave us in fits of giggles. So here we go, we’ve got our fabulous Louise to kick us off…

Communications and PR Executive, Louise 

Louise_INK Digital

“I reached the pinnacle of my career creating the Olympic Torch for our INK Olympics Opening Ceremony. It was an emotional moment!”

Debbie, Senior Strategist

Debbie - Senior Strategist - INK Digital

“Our growing knowledge of sheep breeds and characteristics. Oh, and our interesting conversations about flying foxes.”

Helen, Head of Creative Strategy

Helen Darlington - INK Digital

“Katie’s day as a shepherdess… when she was working on a brand, there were different sheep all over her canvas and it looked like she was having difficulty herding them. We ended up laughing so much we cried.”

Vick, Executive Strategist

Vick - INK Digital

“The Olympics, obviously! Having the live stream on at the back of the studio was awesome and the huge pride of being British because team GB smashed it!”

Katie, Senior Creative

Katie - INK Digital

“Sheep with flat feet has made us all giggle! :)”

So now we’ve shared with you just a few things which have made us smile we also want to know what’s popped a grin on your face recently? Be sure to join the conversation over on Facebook and Twitter – we can’t wait to hear your stories!