A new Google update: Finding content on mobile


Good news! There are two new Google updates to mobile search results heading our way to make finding content even easier. So, here’s the lowdown…

1. Mobile friendly label removal

google-mobile-friendly-labelYou probably already know, but a couple of years ago, Google added that lil’ “mobile friendly” label to its results. This was to help people find optimised websites that feature copy you can read without the need to pinch and zoom. Google have now decided to remove the label to help make search results even simpler on mobile as there’s less information to consume. Don’t worry though, the mobile-friendly criteria (for example, fast-loading and fully responsive websites) will still be favoured in terms of Google rankings.

2. Accessing info on mobile made easy

From January 10th 2017, pages which contain content that isn’t easy for a user to access from mobile search results may also not rank as highly. For example: have you ever performed a Google search on mobile and when you selected the desired page, been greeted with a very frustrating pop up message covering the content you actually wanted to see? Well pop ups like those are referred to as interstitials and these are what Google are going to crack down on. 

A few examples of interstitials which would be affected by the new update include pop up messages which cover the main content when you land on a page or those which appear after you have started scrolling. Another example is a full takeover pop up which you have to exit before you have access to the main content.

Great for casual website browsers, not so great for advertisers. Fear not though, there are some examples of interstitials you can use which won’t be affected by the new update, as long as you use them correctly. These include, messages which pop up in regards to a legal obligation such as cookie usage or age verification, pages which have a login dialog for private content and banners that only use up a small amount of screen space. 

We really hope this information helps and if you are thinking about making any website updates in the near future, then us friendly bunch here at INK are at hand to work our creative magic. Get in touch and see how we can help.

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Image Source: Google Mobile Friendly Label – Monsido