INK presents…Princess for the Day

Princess for the day - Nathan and Louise

We recently revamped and rebranded our very popular Treat Elite – each month, two team members are now chosen to become ‘The Kitty Committee’.

We like to keep things simple so there are just two rules:

  1. They have a £25 budget to spend on whatever they want, but it must be something for the whole team to enjoy.
  2. It can be one big treat, or a series of treats that run throughout the month.

First up was our Becky and Debbie – they came up with an awesome idea – princess for the day.

Each INKer got to feel like a true princess, each receiving a princess party bag containing sweets, a privileges card and Kitty Committee stickers. The treats didn’t just stop there though, each INKer also received a tiara, princess wand, a personalised gift and they got to grab something from the princess lucky dip bag. What’s more, if they didn’t like what the picked out, they got to go again (yep, a double dip!) they’re princesses after all!

Princess for the dayThe privileges card was a winner – Becky and Debbie wanted each INKer to feel super special, so they wrote out a list of personalised privileges for each team member to enjoy. These included grabbing someone’s lunch from town, giving them the ultimate power of choosing the music in the studio or a cake of their choice baked by our ace star baker, Debbie.

Oh, and as an extra bonus, each princess had a bell to ring, so they could request teas and coffees made by Becky and Debbie whenever they liked!

The princess fun spanned across two weeks to ensure everyone got a chance to be a princess. Here’s our INKers in their princess glory…Princess for the day CollageOf course, we can’t forget our lovely cleaner Penny, our very own INK sparkler!Princess for the day - Penny

We all had such a laugh and the princesses thoroughly enjoyed their treats and privileges. It’s our Vick and Georgia’s turn next and we really can’t wait to see what they come up with!

We’d love to know what you thought of our first Kitty Committee treat. Join in the conversation over of our Facebook page and Twitter.