INK-terview – Meet our lovely Creative, Georgia


georgia-ink-digitalOur lovely new Creative, Georgia has been a fellow INKer for a few weeks now so in true INK style, we shone our spotlight on her and asked our ten quick-fire questions.

Be sure to carry on reading to find out what our Georgia would have on the menu if she was to host a three course dinner party!

INK-terviewer: Hi Georgia, let’s kick things off with you letting us in on what you’re working on this week…

Georgia: This week I’m working on a website design for a new client.

INK wouldn’t be INK without…

GeorgiaINK wouldn’t be INK without the people.

If you weren’t a Creative here at INK, what profession might you have fancied having a go at instead?

Georgia: If not graphic design it would have probably been product design.

Imagine you’re auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent…what talent would you wow the judges with? Any party tricks up your sleeve?

Georgia: I literally have no talents – although I used to be able to lick my nose but not sure if I can still do it!

How would your best pal describe you in three words? Be honest…

Georgia: Honest, trustworthy & outgoing.

If you could jet off to a desert island with three people (celebs or otherwise, dead or alive) who would make the cut and why?

Georgia: I would take my boyfriend, and my mum & dad.

For you, what’s been the most important digital development in recent years – and how has it helped you do your job?

Georgia: Apple have changed the digital industry and continue to do so, things are always being developed so there’s always something new.

Three-course dinner party round at yours! But what’s on the menu?

Georgia: Bruschetta for starter, short ribs for mains and some sort of chocolatey goodness for dessert.

If you could offer just one piece of advice to a budding Creative, what would it be?

Georgia: Just be yourself.

Finally, aside from your obvious talents, tell us something else we don’t know about you… 

GeorgiaMy favourite place in the world is California!

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