Improving online visibility and security with an SSL Certificate

The internet we knew and loved 10 years ago is almost indistinguishable to that of today. When trying to describe the amount of online traffic, content and competition, the word ‘tons’ doesn’t quite cut it. Then there’s the massive issue of security. Is there a way to gain additional visibility in the digital sphere without attracting unsolicited attention? Yes, with the glorious SSL Certificate.

Who doesn’t love a certificate?

Well, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) kind is a data file which is integrated onto your website for added defence against unauthorised interference. If any kind of sensitive information, such as personal data, passwords, bank details etc, is required by a site then sessions are encrypted for safe transmission between servers. Even if a site doesn’t have the need for data to be submitted, an SSL can be of great benefit from an SEO point of view, and the security aspect is unrivalled, but we’ll get onto that a little later.

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Ramping up the effort

For the last two years Google has been scouring the web for sites with an SSL Certificate and giving those websites preference in search engine results. Why? It’s all part of its strategy in making the internet a safer place by directing users to the securest options of whatever they’re looking for. This isn’t a green light to relax your SEO efforts by any means, it still needs to be on-point as boosted rankings will happen gradually over time, not overnight. Think of an SSL Certificate as a plump cushion for your digital marketing activities to perch on.

Additional advantages

Another SEO benefit it brings is better referrer data. When traffic travels from an HTTPS site to a HTTP website, the referral data becomes lost but analytics still counts it as ‘direct’ because it’s unclear where the traffic has come from. This problem doesn’t exist with traffic passing though to an HTTPS site as the secure referral information is retained, which makes reporting much more accurate.

The enhanced security and privacy to be gained from an SSL is key to instilling trust and confidence in visitors. The certificate not only encrypts data, but provides authentication that said data is being sent from a verified source and is delivered to the intended recipient only. You can spot which sites have an SSL Certificate by looking at the address bar which may be green and/or has a padlock icon.

Something else worth noting is that Google has changed in its Chrome Browser how the ‘location-aware’ service functions, which means if your site asks to use a user’s location, a secure certificate will definitely be needed.

Is the certificate one size fits all?

There will be a suitable type of certificate to best cater to your website’s needs. Tony, our Head of Digital Production says that SSL Certificates, which were traditionally quite an investment, are far more affordable – starting from just £50 per year with INK – and are easily installed and configured.

That’s some food for thought right there!

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