An important Google update: SSL Certificates

We’ve got some super important information for you – Google are taking their first steps in moving towards a more secure web and it is going to affect all HTTP sites.

So, what does this entail?

Well, as part of their new Google Chrome update (coming January 2017) Google is introducing a ‘non secure’ label to HTTP sites which have a password field or contain credit card form fields. What’s more, Google are also planning on gradually extending the new warning across all HTTP sites.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Well, just one of the reasons we strongly recommend switching your HTTP site to a secure HTTPS one is to protect your current Google search rankings as Google gives ranking preference to HTTPS sites. This isn’t something you’ll see immediately, but gradually over time so it’s super important you consider it.

Secondly, Google will now be displaying HTTP pages with a ‘Non Secure’ label and a red exclamation mark warning sign in the browser’s address bar. This is going to make non-secure sites much more obvious and may just make a user stop and think before they click on your site.


Image Source: Google Blog

No need to panic through, we’re here to help! What you need is an SSL certificate and if you’re not sure what one is, then be sure to check out our handy blog post which explains everything you need to know.

SSL Certificates are now far more affordable than they used to be – starting from just £50 per year with INK – and are easily installed and configured. We will of course take care of all this for you so it’s completely hassle free.

Please get in touch and we’ll get straight on it: or call us on 01422 399420

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