INK Digital’s Halloween Extravanganza


Us INKers love Halloween so in true INK style we all enjoyed a fun-packed afternoon with plenty of Halloween music, snacks, and ace mini games!

We had three teams:

  • Team Zombie Nation – Hollie, Dan & Georgia
  • Team Scream – Nathan, Helen & Matt
  • Team Pumpkin Pals – Andrew, Danny & Tony

Each faced a whole host of fun Halloween-themed games including Fill your Face, Critter Chaos, and Sweet Carnage. We also had a few team games; Mummy Mayhem and Dread over Heels – we kept them cryptic so each team could take a guess at what they thought was involved. 

We created a dedicated Halloween corner with a cobweb table, balloons and of course a spider! Arghhhh!ink-digital-halloween-web-tablebeware-ink-digital-halloween

Pumpkin Pals (Danny, Andrew and Nathan) were the overall winners and they each received a Halloween prize; a bobbing Skeleton each, for their desks. We even had popping candy runners up prizes – as we’re told it’s the taking part that counts after all! Here’s a rundown of our Halloween-themed games…

Critter Chaos

A member of each team were nominated to play our first Halloween game, Critter Chaos. The aim of the game was to try and scoop out as many ‘eyeballs’ as they could within a one minute time limit using only a spoon in their mouth. The winner was Danny with eight eyeballs scooped into the bowl!critter-chaos-dannyFill Your Face

This was the most gruesome game of them all. An INKer from each team had to taste our ghastly cocktail of ingredients and guess what was in there. As you can see, Nathan was not impressed with the flavour – he was super chuffed when he was announced as the winner though! The ingredients included a mix of cottage cheese, jam, chilli puree, sour cream and chive dip and ketchup – ew! fill-your-face-nath-and-georgiaSweet Carnage

Sweet Carnage was just so much fun! We had doughnuts hanging from a string, what more could you ask for?! The first INKer to eat the doughnut was the winner and it was our Andrew who came out on top. sweet-carnage-ink-digitalMummy Mayhem

Mummy Mayhem was the first team game and it’s safe to say it got very competitive! Whoever wrapped their team member up as a mummy the quickest was the winner. Team Pumpkin Pals were crowned the winner – their toilet paper wrapping skills were pretty impressive!mummy-mayhem-ink-digitalDread Over Heels

Dread over Heels was very energetic and was the final game of the afternoon. Each team member had to keep a balloon in the air for as long as possible. Sounds easy right?! Well, it got a whole lot trickier as more balloons were thrown in every ten seconds! Team Scream came out on top, managing to keep the balloons off the ground for 38 seconds!HEnjoyed having a peek at our spooktacular activities? Be sure to also check out what we got up to for Halloween last year; we created our very own Box of Shocks! Have our exciting games inspired you to come up with your own Halloween afternoon? If so, we’d love to here what games you played. Be sure to let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter page.