INK’s Kitty Committee Championship!


Kitty Committee has come back round for yet another month and it was the turn of our Hollie and Nathan to whip up some team fun with the £25 budget and boy oh boy, they really didn’t let us down!

First up was a surprise waiting for us in the meeting room – the team were instructed to head in there to receive a special gift. Now, us INKers don’t half go through crazy amounts of tea and coffee on a daily basis (we’re powered by caffeine, after all!), and with such a fast, expanding team it’s difficult to keep up with all the brew orders. Well, our awesome Hollie and Nathan made life a whole lot easier, buying each of us a personalised mug with our initials on, making popping the kettle on a complete breeze!kitty-committee-mugsAfter receiving our new mugs, Hollie and Nathan announced a super exciting Kitty Committee pool and table football competition.

We each chose a piece of paper to decide who we were going to be paired with and each team played two games of pool, followed by two games of table football. We all took it super seriously (we’re a competitive bunch) and had so much fun.

There were numerous nail biting moments, including the moment our Vick and Dan had to pot the black ball to win. They just missed out on being winners as the white ball trickled in behind the black ball – our poor Vick was devastated!pool-montage-ink-digital-kitty-committeetable-football-montage-ink-digital-kitty-committeeA huge congrats to our Georgia and Matt who were crowned winners of the pool tournament and the Kitty Committee leaders themselves, Hollie and Nathan who won the table football competition!

We are really looking forward to the next Kitty Committee treat coming our way next month so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

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