INK Digital’s Christmas Mannequin Challenge


Mannequin Challenges have swept the internet for a little while now. If you’ve not heard or seen one, the craze involves people remaining frozen in situ while a camera moves around them. We love Christmas here at INK so we combined the two to create the ultimate Christmas Mannequin Challenge. Our video features a proper festive feast, our fab Christmas tree, and of course, the odd mince pie or two!

To make our challenge that extra bit special, us sneaky lot hid Quality Streets (proper Yorkshire choc!) in our awesome Christmas scene. So, whilst you watch the video, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for how many Quality Streets you can see. Then, simply make your guess by using the reaction buttons on our Facebook page, there are four options to choose from.

So, are you ready to see our Mannequin Challenge in all its Christmas glory? Head over to Facebook now, watch the video and don’t forget to guess how many Quality Streets you see. Oh, and if you want to feel even more festive, be sure to turn your volume up!ink-christmas-mannequin-challenge1