Say hello to our new Client Services Director, Mark!

mark-client-services-director-ink-digitalWe’d like to say a huge hello and welcome to the very talented Mark Bower, who has joined our growing team.

An industry veteran with over 20 years’ in the game, Mark previously founded the award-winning digital agency, Coolpink and has subsequently held numerous consultancy and interim roles in the sales and marketing sector. Now Mark’s at INK Towers, he will be working hard to help grow our agency even further and to do so in our awesome, creatively focused environment! 

Outside work, Mark plays the guitar and drums and is interested in music, creative writing, photography, film, reading, hiking and travelling. These days his hobbies mainly revolve around cleaning up sick (he has a super cute six-month-old baby) and, occasionally, sleeping. 

We’re over the moon to welcome Mark to the INK team! Why not bob across him an email on and say hello.