What’s been making us smile lately?


It’s time for another installment of what’s made us smile recently and boy oh boy it’s a good un’! So without further ado, here’s our Digital Marketing Exec, Becky, kicking us off…

Becky, Digital Marketing Executive


“Being shortlisted for Creativepool’s Annual 2017 was definitely a highlight! :)”

Dan, Senior Creative


“Vick’s box decorating skills (see below) were ace and definitely made me smile.”

INK's Ideas Box

Georgia, Creative


“Instead of putting an idea in the mystery box of ideas, Dan put an ‘IOU’ note in and Vick (the box creator) didn’t have a clue who it was!”

Nathan, Digital Marketing Executive


“Having pizzas and doughnuts for January’s Kitty Committee treat was awesome!”

Vick, Executive Strategist

Vick - INK Digital

“The ever-growing competitiveness with the FitBit challenges within the studio – participating in brew rounds just to get some more steps and beat the boys! :)”

We love a good giggle here at INK and so we’d really love to hear what’s made you smile lately. Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter, we can’t wait to hear your stories.