Meet Dulcie, our new Marketing Campaign Manager!


dulcie-digital-marketing-campaign-managerWe’re proper chuffed to introduce you to Dulcie Clarkson, our awesome new Marketing Campaign Manager. 

Dulcie has an impressive nine years in the world of digital, ranging from multi-channel and offline marketing roles within the fashion, retail, travel and financial services sector. She’s an email and social media guru!

When Dulcie isn’t working her magic whipping up awesome email campaigns, you’ll find her driving. Cars are a huge passion of hers and she loves to modify them too.

Another love of Dulcie’s is her amazing dog, Mooky – just look at how cute she is! She actually breeds and judges Lhasa Apsos and used to be involved in shows but is now taking a well deserved break from that side of the dog world.

Mooky - Dulcie's Dog

Her interests don’t stop there, she adores music, in particular dance and EDM. She’s an avid festival-goer and her absolute favourite is Creamfields!

Why not bob our lovely new Marketing Campaign Manager an email on and say hello! She’d love to hear from you.