Here’s what’s been making us smile lately!

Helen Darlington - INK Digital

Oh yes folks! It’s time for another round of what’s made us smile and boy oh boy don’t we love letting you know what joy has been spreading around our studios. We’ve got our awesome Marketing Campaign Manager, Dulcie, starting us off…

Dulcie, Marketing Campaign Manager


“I’m new to the INK team but being back in a fast paced, creative environment and working with a great team has definitely put a smile on my face!”

Helen, Head of Creative Strategy

Helen_INK Digital-whats-made-us-smile

“Rich brought in some ginger cake made by his lovely Nan – it was delicious! :)”

Vick, Executive Strategist

Vick - INK Digital-whats-made-us-smile

“I was over the moon to pass my Email Marketing course on Hubspot!”

Georgia, Creative

Georgia Dean - INK Digital-whats-made-us-smile

“Measuring bricks with Dan was hilarious” (if you’re not sure what we’re talking about, we posted a photo on our Facebook page.)

Rich, Head Developer

Rich Blyth - INK Digital-whats-made-us-smile

“Watching Dan and Georgia trying to measure the height of the brick wall in the studio left us all in stitches!”

That’s it for this time folks! We hope we made you smile along the way. We want to spread the joy, so head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know what’s made you smile recently.