New Google AdWords features you need to know about!

You may have heard through the grapevine that Google have unexpectedly lost some of their high profile brands from their advertising roster.  A big blow for the internet giant who have recently claimed that their third party verification is the best in its class! Well, we may be inclined to agree…

The top dog of the search engine world has released new ad features which they hope, will give clarity to users as to whether or not the ads they lovingly put their blood, sweat and tears in to are actually leaving their mark rather than being lost in cyberspace.

Unique Reach

The ‘Unique Reach’ feature in AdWords aims to show advertisers a full breakdown of the number of unique users and average impressions per user across various platforms, screens and devices. Cool eh?!

Real-Time Data

The second, but coolest of the features allows you to understand whether your video ads are actually captivating their audience, and those which are more likely to have a larger impact – in real time. It’ll be able to breakdown your video viewers by gender and age but won’t dissect users on an individual basis. In a nutshell, it’ll be able to tell you how long someone has viewed your ad for, therefore telling you how long it actually had their attention for. The longer they watch, the more they’ve connected with the story you’re portraying! This is much more accurate than previous stats which have only classified the ad as being watched if the user watched the entire ad and didn’t break off mid way through. 

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Written by Dulcie Clarkson, Marketing Campaign Manager.