What’s popped a smile on our faces lately?


Ever wonder what goes on in a digital agency? Well, us folk at INK are a proper jolly bunch – both our studios in the UK and Aus are full of fun and quirky conversations!

We thought we’d share we you some of things which have made us lot smile recently. We hope you enjoy…


Becky, Digital Marketing Executive


“Our RAR Digital award nominations really made my day – to be shortlisted for seven awards is amazing! :)”

Dan, Senior Creative


“Me and Georgia have a good laugh as she always manages to spill her yogurt every time she opens one!”

Dulcie, Marketing Campaign Manager


“I’m really excited about one of the new clients we’ve had join our books – they’re going to be really interesting to work with :)”

Mark, Client Services Director


“I’m particularly pleased with my new breakfast choice – I’ve swapped a bacon buttie for a mushroom omelette and it’s pretty darn good!”


Nathan, Digital Marketing Executive


“We recently had a power cut at INK Towers which meant we had to work in the dark and get the torches out which was amusing!”

Did we make you smile? We hope you really enjoyed this insight into our awesome digital agency! We want to hear what’s popped a grin on your face recently so be sure to head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know.