What Made Us Smile This Month!

Vick - INK Digital

We’re the type of agency that puts in a good old hard day’s graft, but that’s never stopped us from smiling. They say smiling is contagious, so we hope by reading what made us smile, you’ll also feel your mouth muscles beginning to twitch.

Aqib, Content Marketing Executive
I bumped into my high school English teacher in the Elsie Whiteley Centre. Considering I now write for a living, I guess he should be pretty proud of himself. Shout out to Mr Middleton!Aqib, Content Marketing Executive


Dulcie, Marketing Campaign Manager
“We’ve had two new members join us in the marketing team, and it’s great to have them on board. I can already tell that they’re both going to be amazing assets to the team. Also, I got Star of the Month this month” ?



Hollie, Head of Marketing and Communications
“Going down to the re-opening of the Piece Hall on Yorkshire Day and seeing such a fantastic turnout. Halifax was buzzing with excitement, and I can’t wait to check out the new shops, bars and restaurants there!”



Vick, Executive Strategist
“Tony bought me a new laptop case, with a handle and a zip pocket!”Vick - INK Digital


Helen, Head of Creative Strategy
“Welcoming four new team members, Aqib, Daniel, Pete and Beth along with smashing our projected growth target that we’d set at the start of the year!”Helen Darlington - INK Digital


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