A Woven welcome to Mark, our dynamic new designer

Mark Designer

We’re delighted to introduce Mark Halliwell, the newest addition to our design team.

Mark Designer

Since completing a BA Hons in Graphic Design in 2015, our new designer, Mark, has been in high demand and has already worked with a diverse range of impressive clients, from creative agencies to consultancy firms.

With his natural eye for design and super-positive attitude, Mark will be a huge boost to our creative proposition. In fact, he’s wasted no time in throwing himself into the fray and getting to grips with a host of Woven client accounts.

For Mark, design is more than a vocation, it’s a 24-7 passion. When he’s not bringing his visual flair to bear for Woven, he’s using his skills to affect social change – creating furniture from reclaimed wood and donating the proceeds to charity, as well as working for free with community projects that can’t afford designers. You can find out more about his work on his website, www.markhalliwell.co.uk.

‘Design can change the world,’ Mark says. And, seeing his enthusiasm and dedication on a daily basis, we absolutely believe him.

Mark will be part of our design team working on creative, user experience and brand development projects.